3 Designer Mirrors That Will Make the Ultimate Statement Piece

Hudson Rectangle Gold Metal Frame Decorative Wall Mirror
Hudson Rectangle Gold Metal Frame Decorative Wall Mirror

Every room needs something special to tie everything together. Whether it’s the lounge, the kitchen, or the dining room, if you have a space where a group of people is likely to congregate, then you need something for them to group around. 

This is what we call a centerpiece - or rather a statement piece. Something bold and dominating takes the breath away of every person who sees it for the time while leaving a lasting impression of what your home looks like when they leave. 

For many people, that statement piece can be a work of art or a portion of furniture. However, for those that like to think a bit more fashion-forward, there’s no better statement piece quite like a carefully selected mirror. 

In this blog, we’re going to show you three different mirrors, and the styles they represent, that’ll instantly make themselves the center of attention in your home. 

So, without further ado, read on and see what we have in store.

Bigger is Best

Helena Metal Rectangle Standing Floor Mirror

Helena Metal Rectangle Standing Floor Mirror

If you want something done well, then acting without compromise is the key. Big statements need big pieces and big actions to make an impact. With furniture or an art work, you may find yourself struggling to figure out the best option while finding a balance between standing out without going overboard. 

When it comes to mirrors, though, the bigger you go, the more impact you can make. Due to their reflective nature, mirrors have an unbelievable ability to emphasize their surroundings, essentially doubling the visual created through the rest of your home décor. This makes them perfect as oversized centerpieces that can simultaneously dominate a room while also tying together a room at the same time. 

Situate a large mirror on a wall by either hanging it or simply leaning it against the wall, and you’ll be surprised by how easily your living space can be upgraded in terms of style. 

Mid Century Models

With the turn of the twentieth century, mirrors changed profoundly, and attitudes towards more prominent and more ostentatious designs turned with the decades—this left mirror designers seeking new and even more imaginative ways to breathe life into their décor. 

Mid Century mirrors represent everything that’s great about the simple pleasure of a mirror. Gone are the intricate designs and flourishes, only to be replaced by simpler frames that emphasize the materials they’re made from. 

Mid Century designs are perfect for those looking to create a subtler approach that might be more appropriate for smaller dwellings, such as apartments and studios. Most mic century mirrors are also available in various nonsymmetrical shapes, making them perfect if you’re looking to maximize the visual created within a limited space. 

All About Boho

Ryker Sleep Wood Round Mirror 28 Inch

Ryker Sleep Wood Round Mirror 28 Inch

Finally, if you’re looking to create a visual splendor that instantly brightens a space, then look no further than the fantastic boho-style mirror. 

Unlike the classic mid-century design, boho mirrors use a simple shape that leaves the frame to do the talking and commonly features a wild and visually stimulating format that instantly catches the eye. Many boho designs, including our own, emphasize sustainable materials as well, making them excellent talking points for guests. 

If you would like some more help choosing the perfect mirror for your home, don't be afraid to give our team at West Mirrors a call. Our friendly group of experts would be more than happy to provide some advice and recommendations!