3 Ways To Enhance Your Homes Entrance With Designer Mirrors

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3 Ways To Enhance Your Homes Entrance With Designer Mirrors

Let’s begin today’s blog with a simple truth: The core of home décor is visual aesthetics. Improving your home and making the best of your space is essentially the whole point of doing it in the first place.

While we talk a lot about the interior decor’s ins and outs, a simple maxim should never be forgotten - first impressions matter. Maximizing the impact of your interior on a first viewing by a guest is something argue to be crucial to the enjoyment of their broader experience. 

The best place in your home to maximize the impact of your interior décor is, of course, your entrance foyer. The problem, however, is that entrance foyers are often small and unassuming spots in the home. 

If you’ve been reading our blogs lately, then you’ll know that this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, it’s entirely the opposite. With the help of some designer mirrors, it’s easy to turn a drab entrance into a piece of theatre!

Read on to find out how!

Expanding Horizons

Mirrors are great at maximizing small spaces. Owing to their reflective surface, the visual area of a space can be effectively doubled by the presence of a mirror. For smaller rooms, such as entrance foyers, this can be a crucial addition to the home. 

If you have an entrance room where guests may find themselves waiting to fully enter or exit your home, placing a large or small mirror on the wall can do wonders to improve the perception of space. 

Use Light Sources

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Mirrors are great at reflecting images, but they’re even better at reflecting light! Hanging your mirror next to a light source, such as a window, can be a great way to instantly brighten a room and fill the space with soft, reflected light. Mirrors are also perfect for creating a “second-mirror” effect, where a large enough mirror can create the illusion of being yet another window. This illusion creates an even more open-feeling space while pushing natural light into the room.  

Be sure to place your mirror adjacent to a light source and not directly opposite. This will help keep the intensity of the reflected light down and make it comfortable to be in the room.

Mirror Guides

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Mirrors are natural focal points and draw attention towards themselves as a result of their instantly attention-grabbing surfaces. While this trait is often used as a centerpiece for a room, there is another way to take advantage of this feature. 

Using mirrors at the end of hallways and the entrances of larger rooms is a great way to lead guests from one room to another. This serves a whole host of different functions, making it easier to navigate the home, making hallways and foyers more interesting, and pushing more natural light into the house at the same time. 

That’s it for this guide on how to use designer mirrors to enhance the entrances of your home. However, if you’re finding yourself stuck trying to figure out how to best use your new designer mirror, then be sure to give our team a call!

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