Antique Mirrors Are Making a Comeback

Elizabeth Antique French Vintage Standing Mirror Gold
Elizabeth Antique French Vintage Standing Mirror Gold

There’s something that’s been bubbling under the surface amongst mirror buyers and sellers. Now, that bubbling has turned into a boiling over crescendo! 

That something is antique mirrors. Sure, in years past modern mirrors and innovative designs have always reigned supreme, but recently it seems that older and even “dated” designs have roared back into the public consciousness.

Perhaps it’s the sense of timelessness that these styles have that have allowed them to be brought back from the dead, or perhaps buyers are more interested in pieces that could be construed as “authentic” in appearance. Regardless, antique mirrors and older designs have made an enormous comeback, with a lot of our top sellers being mirrors with more traditional designs!

So, just what is it about these mirrors and styles that are making them so popular? Let’s take a look into it together and investigate just why certain types have become so popular. 

The French Connection

Florence Antique French Vintage Standing Mirror Gold

Florence Antique French Vintage Standing Mirror Gold

Chief among the more popular styles we’ve seen make a comeback recently are French-style mirrors. French interior design and décor is synonymous with sophistication, so it stands to reason that a lot of French design is effortlessly timeless. 

French mirrors, in particular, are known for their flair and floral motifs, making them extravagant and intricate pieces that dominate a space and instantly become a centerpiece of any room. There are, of course, less complex designs, though these are similarly adorned with gold, rose gold, or silver and white finishes. 

Rococo Complex

Much like French mirrors, rococo designs have also made a massive impact in recent years. Much like French designs that emphasize extravagance and ornamentation, rococo styles are equally as grand and ornate. However, rococo mirrors take that complexity and character to a new level. 

You would most commonly see a rococo style mirror in Victorian or renaissance era estate for European royalty where the increasingly flamboyant and intricate designs in the carvings of the frame would be greatly prized. 

These styles have made a huge comeback and have grown increasingly popular every year. We believe this is down to the emphasis on aesthetics. Even a standard-sized rococo can dominate a room with its style, making them great focal points for positioned on a mantel or couch. 

Distressed and Dramatic

Marco Moroccan Gold Arch Decorative Wall Mirror

Marco Moroccan Gold Arch Decorative Wall Mirror

If modern design has taught us anything, it’s that current buyers and designers love details that emphasize the materials of a piece. 

There’s something special about a piece that feels like it has some sort of history behind it. Distressed pieces manage to achieve this, even if they don’t necessarily have that history. This also seems like the appeal of antique pieces in general, with worn and treasured possessions being in far greater demand than newly made modern pieces. 

Styles that thrive with distressed or antique finishes are, of course, boho and Moroccan mirrors. Both of which put a heavy emphasis on materials and rustic approaches to design. 

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