Capitalizing on Mirrors in Workplace Décor

Gage Gold Round Wall Mirror 16 Inch by West Mirrors

Gage Gold Round Wall Mirror 16 Inch

While it may seem that, at first glance, mirrors are ill-suited to the office. The reality is that mirrors are fantastic additions to just about any workplace!

Of course, you wouldn’t want to put your new designer mirror or antique mirrors in a workplace like an auto shop or factory, but there are many different ways a mirror can enhance any office. Mirrors are highly versatile pieces of furniture. Most of this comes from their ability to reflect on their surroundings, making any decisions around décor far easier as they immediately complement other pieces of furniture. 

The average office has a terrible habit of being pretty dull at the best of times. Most attempts to make offices exciting usually result in something barely used or irritating to workers in the long term. Mirrors can help avoid this by becoming subtle additions to a space that enhances the appropriate corporate décor rather than taking away from it. 

In this blog, we’re going to showcase some of the best ways any office can benefit from a designer mirror and the best ways to implement a mirror to enhance any space. 

Read on!

Cover Up

Offices are places that usually have at least a few more people than the average home. We all know how cluttered and worn down a home can get if there isn’t any maintenance being done. The same goes for an office, with plenty of opportunities for any number of scratches, marks, spills, or dents in the walls to occur. 

Mirrors offer a quick solution to the more egregious issues that can happen, with mirrors filling a space without bringing attention themselves subtly. For this, we’d recommend something small and inconspicuous, such as a boho or rattan style mirror.

Reflect Light

Bridgewater - Black Industrial Arched Metal Window Mirror by West Mirrors

Bridgewater - Black Industrial Arched Metal Window Mirror

Any decent office worth its salt will have lighting in abundance. It’s the backbone of any healthy office culture and key to a lot of productivity. The problem with good lighting is that it’s often hard to find the right balance. Too much lighting or too little lighting will have adverse effects on productivity. 

Mirrors can bridge this gap by reflecting light in the room, thus enhancing the space. The is also achieved without creating additional light sources that could potentially compromise the lighting design of the office. 

Large, hanging mirrors with minimal metal frames are ideal for this task, making it easy to place them on darker walls while maximizing their light-reflecting abilities.

Reduce Crowding

Belle Round Wall Mirror 31 Inch

Belle Round Wall Mirror 31 Inch

For smaller offices, avoiding cramped spaces is vital. Good productivity means being able to feel open and in touch with your surroundings.  This is achievable most of the time by positioning desks next to windows, connecting employees to the outdoors. However, for smaller offices, this isn’t always the case. 

Mirrors can go a long way to helping a tighter space feel more open, often by being able to simulate the effects of a window. When facing a cramped or crowded office, consider placing mirrors in the innermost spots of the office. This helps visually open a space and makes tight spaces feel less crowded.  

That’s about it for today’s blog. Hopefully, you’ll find these tips and tricks helpful!

However, if you would like some more help choosing or caring for the perfect mirror for your home, then don't be afraid to give our team at West Mirrors a call. Our friendly group of experts would be more than happy to provide some advice and recommendations!

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