Cleaning Your New Mirror in 4 Easy Steps


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Let’s set the scene, you’ve finally purchased your brand new mirror, and you’ve put it in a place of pride in your home. Maybe it’s a mirror for the bedroom so that you can make sure your new outfit is on point. Maybe, it’s a wall mirror for the lounge to complement the space. Or maybe, it’s a new mirror for the bathroom. 

Regardless of what kind of mirror it is, you managed to get it up and ready until - disaster strikes! Your new mirror has got a smudge! It probably happened while you were trying to get it up there in the first place. 

Now you’ve got to figure out just what to do to make sure your mirror can sparkle once again. But how will you avoid making streaks? Or specks? Or, even worse, fog!

Well, never fear! As we’ve created this handy guide that’ll help you get started. With just four easy steps, you’ll be looking longingly at your own reflection once again!

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Step 1: Solution

One of the most common misconceptions about window cleaning is that you need to rely on store-bought window cleaner solely. The reality, however, is quite different as traditional window cleaning solutions don’t work as well as you’d expect. 

Instead, we recommend making your own solution using distilled vinegar and warm water. The ratio of vinegar to water takes a bit of trial and error based on just how dirty your mirror is, but it’s worth it to try and figure out what works best. Place your solution into an empty spray bottle, and voila! You now have an excellent cleaning solution that’ll leave no streaks or fogginess when used. 

Step 2: Wipe with a Dry Cloth

Before you use your nifty new cleaning solution, make sure you’ve given your mirror a bit of a pre-clean first. This is usually done best with a microfiber cloth and will be extremely helpful at preventing dust and debris from creating more work once the solution is applied. 

Step 3: Spray Spray Spray

Now comes the fun part, take your new cleaning solution and spray evenly across the surface of the mirror. More often than not, it pays to cover the whole surface rather than just a specific area, as mirrors have a habit of showing up just about everything. 

Step 4: Time to Get Buff

Use your microfiber cloth in a circular motion to buff out as much of the imperfection as possible. This stage will require a fair bit of elbow grease, so be prepared for a workout. It also pays to be thorough as any drips or marks on the mirror can leave streaks if left to dry. 

In addition, make sure you buff your mirror in sections. This will help avoid creating streaks and make sure you’re as thorough as possible before moving on to the next section. 

And that’s it! Your mirror should now be spot and streak-free. At least until someone smudges it again…

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Extra Tips:

  • To prevent your mirror from drying too quickly and leaving streaks, try to limit the amount of ventilation in the room.
  • For stubborn marks, it pays to make sure your cleaning solution is made using warm water, as this will help melt away dirt and grease. 
  • Always start at the top of the mirror before moving downwards, cleaning downwards. This will help reduce streaks and any missed sections of the mirror. 

If you would like some more help with your new mirror, then don't be afraid to give our team at West Mirrors a call. Our friendly group of experts would be more than happy to provide some advice and recommendations!

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