Decorating for Drama: A Guide

 Porter Round Teak Wood Wall Mirror

Porter Round Teak Wood Wall Mirror

Every once in a while, it’s essential to take a stroll through your home and consider something. How do you feel as you walk through your home? Is it exciting? Engaging? Interesting? If not, maybe it’s time to work on refreshing your décor. 

Now, we don’t mean going through endless catalogs and trying to figure out what the latest trends or styles are. Instead, why not take the more fiscally responsible approach and see how you can upgrade your home with a few mirrors? Even better, why not infuse some drama at the same time? 

Mirrors are the perfect decorating tool for engaging in some theatre with your home décor. A mirror can play with light, enhance significant pieces and create visually exciting zones that can inspire and impact viewers. 

In his blog, we’re going to go through some of our favorite ways mirrors can be used to dramatically affect your home décor and how you can use mirrors to give your home some dramatic flair. 

The First Rule Is…

Elizabeth Antique French Vintage Standing Gold Mirror

Elizabeth Antique French Vintage Standing Gold Mirror

Much like contemporary art, the fun part about mirrors is that the only rule is often that there are no rules

Simply put, mirrors are artistic devices and can be used as either art pieces themselves or to enhance other works in your home. The choice is really up to you! In saying that, there are essential elements of any mirror that is important to remember. Mirrors are additive to your décor and thrive in environments where light can be reflected. This means that both bright bedrooms and dreary hallways are equally qualified to benefit from the addition of a mirror. 

The point here is that it’s important to remain as creative and untethered as possible. When decorating for dramatic purposes, the goal is to create as much of a visual impact as possible, so go wild!

Let’s Get Artsy

As reflective tools, mirrors are perfect for creating spaces that enhance any experience that is being communicated. If you have an art piece, whether that be a print, paint on canvas, or a sculpture, then it might be a good idea to have a mirror alongside it to double up on the visuals. 

Having a mirror paired with a work of art can be an essential addition to your décor if you’re looking to maximize the visual impact of a centerpiece. 

Pick Your Spot

Helena Metal Rectangle Standing Floor Mirror 59x22 Inch

Helena Metal Rectangle Standing Floor Mirror 59x22 Inch

In the immortal words of acting teachers everywhere, acting is all about simply hitting your mark and saying your lines. The essence of drama is about having the right thing to speak at the right place and time. 

That remains true for mirrors as well. If you’re looking to maximize the dramatic effect of your décor with a mirror, then think carefully about placement. What are you trying to say? 

If you have a mirror you’re intending for a centerpiece, then don’t be afraid to place it squarely in the most visible part of the room. Conversely, if your mirror is designed to enhance, then make sure to put it so that it doesn’t grab attention for the piece you’re trying to add to. 

That’s about it for today’s blog. If you have a problem with your mirror and can’t quite seem to figure out just what’s wrong with it, then hopefully, this guide has been helpful! 

However, if you would like some more help choosing or caring for the perfect mirror for your home, then don't be afraid to give our team at West Mirrors a call. Our friendly group of experts would be more than happy to provide some advice and recommendations!