Design Tricks Using Mirrors In Your Home

Louisa Antique French Vintage Standing Mirror Silver

Louisa Antique French Vintage Standing Mirror Silver

While many people will simply pass by a mirror with nothing more than a simple glance, the reality is that mirrors play a massive part in the way a home looks and feels, going far beyond being a simple spot to correct your hair or clothes. 

As we’ve said before, mirrors are the ultimate hack for interior decorators. There’s good reason for that as well, with a bevy of options available to those who know how to use mirrors effectively. This fact often goes ignored because it’s challenging to find the right balance between fashionable and tacky. There is a lot more to it than simply throwing up a bunch of different pieces on the walls and hoping for the best. 

So, while the difficulty curve of mirror-based decorating can be a steep one, it’s not impossible to figure out the right balance if you stick to a few tricks that, while simple, often the best way to maximize a mirror’s best qualities. 

So, with that in mind, we’re going to show you how to get the most out of a designer mirror in your home with a few tricks that are guaranteed to work. 

Behind the Light

Roper Mid Century Modern Gold Frame Decorative Wall Mirror

Roper Mid Century Modern Gold Frame Decorative Wall Mirror

Mirrors love light. 

That may sound kind of strange, but it is true. While a lot of light can be harmful, like when a mirror faces a window, a minor light source can be a huge bonus to a designer mirrors room appeal. 

Accent lights, such as chandeliers or artful mood lights, can have their effects doubled up to create a gorgeous effect when paired with a grand enough mirror. The reflective properties of your mirror will bounce the light source and create a dazzling lighting pattern that will have the additional benefit of effectively doubling the amount of light available in the room. 

Between Two Windows

While we’ve warned against the desire to place a mirror opposite a large window, that doesn’t necessarily mean that windows are the enemy. In fact, when placed between two mirrors, a designer wall mirror can have a particularly bold effect, tricking the eye into believing that there is an additional window in the space. 

This plays to the magical effect of a large mirror by doubling the visual space of a room while allowing the mirror to avoid capturing too much of the light being made available by the windows. 

Repetition on Repetition

Zane Modern Metal Gold Framed Long Wall Mirror

Zane Modern Metal Gold Framed Long Wall Mirror

The great thing about mirrors is that, more often than not, repetition is not an enemy. 

Repetition is a powerful technique for smaller designs, such as Boho and Rattan style mirrors, where the simple shapes can maximize the desired effect. Similarly, many mid-century designs work equally as well, as their more minimalist metal frames allow the repetition of their design to have a more seamless appearance.

This technique of repetition can be used to startling effect when placed in receiving rooms, hallways, and front foyers, where the bold design and abundance of reflected light can work to brighten and elevate the interior design. 

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