How to Dispose of a Broken Mirror Safely: Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of our handy guide on disposing of your broken mirror! If you’ve missed part one, then click here to get up to speed on what we’ve been covering so far.

While it’s all well and good to look into the specifics of handling a broken mirror and using as many resources available to you to ensure your safety. Something that’s often overlooked is transportation. 

Broken mirrors are a haven for jagged edges and sharp points that will play havoc with anything they get into contact with. While you may have done your best to wrap your broken mirror as much as you can safely, loose glass is still going to be a problem. 

In the second part of this guide, we’re going to cover the nitty-gritty of transporting your loose pieces of glass while making sure your mirror doesn’t cause damage while being transported to its final destination. 

Boxing In

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If you’ve followed our guide so far, you’ll have a wrapped-up mirror that’s been safely covered in either an old blanket or bubble wrap and sealed using duct tape. Now, it’s time to get your mirror safely tucked away in something where the sharp edges of your broken pieces won’t cause issues when they inevitably poke through your wrappings. 

Start by lining your box of choice with a layer of bubble wrap on the inside. This will accomplish two things - it’s going to help seal your box and prevent stray pieces from escaping and provide an additional layer of protection from sharp glass that may try to poke through your container. 

Once you have your box sufficiently insulated with bubble wrap, place your wrapped-up mirror in the box. 

Little Bits

With the main piece safely tucked away in your sealed box, you can now begin to collect any stray pieces that may have fallen off the mirror. 

Very carefully collect pieces while wearing your gloves, starting from the broadest point and moving gradually towards the center. We recommend grabbing the most significant pieces first before moving on to the next size down; this will make it easier to track what you’ve collected. 

Before placing your large and medium-sized pieces into your box, be sure to put these in a puncture-resistant trash bag, taking care to not reach into the bag or drop the pieces on top of one another. 

Final Clean-Up

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Once you have all of your pieces safely collected in trash bags and placed in your sealed box, it’s now time to start thoroughly cleaning the area to remove the tiniest shards that will inevitably be missed. 

Start by vacuuming the area, taking care to cover as much of the area as possible, as well as adjacent regions where shards may have flown further outward. We recommend avoiding using any sort of brush attachment on your vacuum as these will often trap smaller fragments rather than allowing them to be safely sucked up. 

Finally, once you’re finished vacuuming, finish the clean-up by blotting the area with an absorbent material. This will work to pick up the tiniest shards that the vacuum may have missed. If you don’t think you have a sufficient amount of material, use some rolled-up tape as an alternative. 

That’s it for our guide on disposing of a broken mirror safely! Be sure to take a moment after you’re done to scan the area for anything you may have missed quickly. As well as that, make sure you vacuum your shoes and gloves to remove any harmful residue. Overall, you should dedicate roughly an hour to the entire process to make sure you’re thorough.

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