Mastering The Art of Mirror Feng Shui: Part 1

 Zeke Gold Round Wall Mirror with Shelf

Zeke Gold Round Wall Mirror with Shelf

It’s no secret that mirrors are widely considered a decorator’s favorite tool when it comes to tying the elements of a room together. Even better, mirrors are also adept at transforming spaces while also being able to dictate the energy of a room and attract the eye. 

But mirrors are not entirely without fault, and there can be a difficulty curve when trying to ensure the correct mirror placement. While having a mirror can be a great addition to a room, placing it in the wrong spot of a room can have dire consequences for the comfort level to be enjoyed in the space. 

In most cases, reading guides and going through a bit of trial and error can eventually lead to a build-up of knowledge that makes mirror placement easy, even instinctual. But, what if there was a way to avoid the work and get straight to the point? 

Well, there potentially is, and it’s a little something called Feng Shui. 

In this guide, we’re going to go through some of the principles of Feng Shui, and learning a bit about this ancient practice can help tremendously with maximizing your mirror placement and enjoyment. 

Feng What? 

 Dune Wood Wall mirror 28 Inch

Dune Wood Wall mirror 28 Inch

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on “the art of placement.” 

While there is a lot more to the broader concept, with a lot of Feng Shui tied to Chinese philosophy and spiritualism, the basic idea of Feng Shui focuses on how proper placement of objects and furniture in a room can affect the energy and experiences of the people inside. 

This carries on to people as well, with the placement of chairs, beds, and any furniture designed for humans to relax on being subject to different guidelines. 

Big Sha Qi

The energy of a room is described as “Qi” (pronounced chi). Objects and furniture have the potential to affect Qi, causing a stifling environment as Qi is left unable to flow. 

Bad Feng Shui can lead to “Sha Qi” or “Si Qi,” otherwise known as bad energy. In a room with bad energy, the comfort of the space becomes difficult to enjoy. If you’ve ever entered a room and suddenly felt a little “off” and haven’t been able to articulate why it’s probably for that very reason. 

Sample The Best Parts

Avis Gold Round Wall Mirror 30 Inch

Avis Gold Round Wall Mirror 30 Inch

While it’s perfectly fine not to believe in the more significant ideas of Feng Shui, the simple logic of the practice makes it genuinely worth considering. 

Humans are funny creatures and, at their core, are often affected by how well we’re able to perceive a space. While there is plenty of spiritualism and mysticism associated with Feng Shui, modern practices have often streamlined the idea. This has put a greater emphasis on Feng Shui as a tool to be used when a decorator can’t seem to bring a room together. 

In the next part of this blog, we’ll be going over some fundamental principles of the practice and how these can positively affect a mirror’s impact on your home.