More Spooky Myths About Antique Mirrors Uncovered

Zeke Gold Round Wall Mirror with Shelf

We figured it’s time to revisit a topic we covered a couple of months ago, with Halloween coming up. The issue is the many Urban myths and legends of that surround mirrors and their place in the home.

Mirrors are exceptional additions to decor because they combine several functions into a single piece. They are equal parts furniture and decorations and fill a functional role while being a work of art simultaneously. Of course, all of that specialness comes with a price, and that’s being kind of mysterious at the same time. Mirrors make great sources of inspiration for various myths, legends, and folktales and are central to many of the world’s most famous stories and infamous superstitions.

Previously, we covered a few key urban myths in a 2 part blog, with parts one and two available in our blog archive. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at a couple more urban myths that we couldn’t cover last time.

Read on!

Ritual Husbandry

 Elizabeth Antique French Vintage Standing Mirror Gold

An enduring myth that traditionally comes back from the grave during Halloween is the superstition that you can see your future husband in a mirror by following a few steps in ritualistic witchcraft. Now, witchcraft itself is pretty bogus, but for interest, the steps are as follows:

  • Peel an apple in one continuous strip 
  • Take the peel and toss it over your left should with your right hand
  • Enjoy a vision of your future husband in the reflection of the mirror
  • (Optional) Eat the apple

Let’s be honest here, mirrors are fabulous and make many things suddenly feel a lot more dramatic. Still, much like the bloody mary urban myth, this one doesn’t hold much water beyond being something kids would do to creep each other out at a slumber party.

Still, if you want to give it a shot anyway and skip the hustle of swiping left on a dating app in search of your perfect husband, then we recommend you stick with something equally dramatic as the ritual you’re about to conduct. For example, try using a French or Rococo-style mirror to up the ante while giving your bedroom a gorgeous centerpiece you can use for other non-witchcraft activities.

The Unbroken

If you’re familiar with the myth that breaking a mirror can lead to seven years of bad luck, then you’ll probably be happy to know about this one too. The belief goes that if you drop a mirror and it doesn’t break, then you’ll get seven years of good luck instead!

If you’d like to get a more comprehensive explanation of why the “bad luck” mirror myth is untrue, then you can read our blog that covered the issue here. However, if you’re looking for a mirror that’s tough enough to drop without breaking, then we can’t help you. Sure, metal framed mirrors are more rigid than most, but that won’t help much in most cases.

If you have dropped a mirror, it’s probably best to know how to clean it up without hurting yourself. Thankfully, we made a blog covering this exact topic here. Good luck!

That’s it for this follow-up on the urban myths surrounding mirrors! However, if you’re finding yourself stuck trying to figure out how to best use your new designer mirror, then be sure to give our team a call!

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