Styling Bedside Tables with Designer Mirrors

Dune Wall Wood Mirror 28 Inch

Bedside tables are the ultimate unsung heroes of the bedroom. They combine incalculable utility with grace and calm, providing the sort of solution to a bedroom that few other pieces of furniture could ever really match.

However, despite everything that bedside tables have done for homeowners and decorators alike, we often don’t treat them as well as we should. Instead, we hoard books, vitamins, half-drunk glasses of water, and potentially ugly lampshades on them without caring how that reflects on us.

Well, we at West Mirrors are here to stop this unsolicited neglect of bedside tables and provide a guide on the best designer pieces that you can pair with your bedside tables to make them feel like the stars of the bedroom they genuinely are!

Read on!

Going Old-School

If there’s one style that can make any bedside table pop, it’s anything that can exude a rustic aesthetic.

There’s something special about a piece that feels like it has some sort of history behind it. The bedroom is an intimate space and deserves to have furniture and artwork that can communicate that intimacy. Antique pieces are incredibly good at creating a feeling of authenticity, with long-treasured possessions being in far greater demand than less durable modern pieces.

Placing an antique-style mirror, preferably with a wood frame, above your bedside table can be a fantastic way to emphasize the intimacy of the bedroom and make your night and morning routine feel more private.

A Little Ray of Sunshine

Mia Gold Sunburst Round Wall Mirror 24 Inch

If your bedside table is feeling a bit lacking when it comes to looks, then it might be time to break out the big guns, and by “Big Guns,” we mean Art Deco.

Art-deco interiors and aesthetics are synonymous with the glamor of Hollywood and the golden age of cinema, making any unstylish item instantly cool by proxy in the home.

Suppose you already know the power of Art deco. In that case, you probably have a home that already features art-deco calling cards, such as repeating angular patterning, metallic textures, and elaborate furniture. In that case, you could benefit massively from a decorative metal mirror in the bedroom to complete any look.

Big & Large

Libi Rectangle Contemporary Metal Mirror Black & Gold 72x44 Inch

We get it; sometimes bedside tables have a problem of making your bedroom feel more cluttered than it probably could. Thankfully, mirrors are an excellent solution to this.

If the goal is to make your bedroom feel bigger or less cluttered, then bigger is always better. Large oversized mirrors and “window-style” mirrors have made a massive comeback in recent years and with good reason.

With a big enough mirror, you can instantly create a feeling of expanse and visual trickery that’s second to none. When placed strategically in the bedroom, you’ll begin to feel like there’s a whole other wing to your space!

If you feel a bit casual or “laissez-faire,” then lean your mirror against the wall rather than mounting it directly; this gives a great sense of sophistication and fashion-forward thinking to your bedroom and makes the new addition seem effortless despite its large size.

If you would like some more help choosing the perfect mirror for your home, don't be afraid to give our team at West Mirrors a call. Our friendly group of experts would be more than happy to provide some advice and recommendations!

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