Take Advantage of the Latest Bathroom Mirror Trends

Luci Gold Hexagon Wall Mirror 26 Inch

The bathroom has evolved in the past few years from a simple space for the utility of cleaning oneself to a room that can serve various purposes.  In fact, the modern bathroom has almost become a center of self-care and recharging, making the design trends of bathrooms far more adventurous as a result.

Mirror trends for the bathroom have evolved with it, and designs have grown from the basic rectangles of the past with all manner of mirror designs, making the jump from the dining or living room to the bathroom.

In today’s blog, we’re going to go over some of our favorite mirror designs that have become amazingly trendy and fashionable for home bathroom décor.

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Don’t be a Square

In the past, the average bathroom usually featured the primary rectangular mirror with a medicine cabinet mounted underneath. It’s a timeless and simple look that serves the purpose it was assigned efficiently. However, life isn’t just about filling a purpose, especially if things get boring along the way!

Like triangular and square-esque, sharper shapes are making a big comeback and are rising above the traditional rectangle shape in popularity. Diamond shapes and many more are options as well. Essentially, if it’s something kind of funky in shape, it will be popular.

Combine these shapes with thick, heavily bordered frames, and you have a fantastic piece for the bathroom that will stand on its own as a great example of thoughtful art while still having all of the same functionality you’ve come to expect from a bathroom mirror.

Round & Round

Zeke Gold Round Wall Mirror With Shelf

Round mirrors are hugely popular for bathrooms currently. Round designs typically allow for more visual real estate while fitting in the same spots as more traditional shapes. Rounder designs are also perfect for Boho and Rattan style mirrors, lending a natural texture to any spa-like bathroom.

Typical textures associated with round boho mirrors are natural wood finishes to create patterned works that draw the eye towards the central reflective surface. This also creates an “eye-ball” effect that makes the viewer recognize the object as a facial feature and engage with the piece faster.

Rounder mirrors, in particular, have become famous as their circular shape often counters the very geometric look of traditional bathrooms.

Going All Out

Elizabeth Antique French Vintage Standing Mirror Gold

Of course, the dominant idea that surrounds bathroom décor is that mirrors should be small and inoffensive. However, current trends have seen many homeowners eschew this belief, instead making their mirrors statement pieces that instantly upgrade the bathroom into something grander.

Antique French Mirrors work best as pieces that dominate a room or act as a centerpiece, where the total weight of their exquisite details can be appreciated. With the right décor around it, a French, or Rococo, style mirror can be the perfect addition for those that want to take a maximalist approach to their bathrooms.

If you would like some more help choosing the perfect mirror for your home, don't be afraid to give our team at West Mirrors a call. Our friendly group of experts would be more than happy to provide some advice and recommendations!

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