Upgrade Your Fireplace with a Designer Mirror

Markle Over Mantle French Mirror Gold 40x30 Inch

Upgrade Your Fireplace with a Designer Mirror

While it might seem old-fashioned, unreliable, hard to maintain, and terrible for keeping clean, the fireplace is still a constant in many homes worldwide. There’s something alluring and wonderful about a fire slowly crackling away as it warms your home with its simple presence.
Of course, having a hole in your wall that you keep a fire in seems kind of strange when your think about it, especially when it comes to decorating. Thankfully, decorators have used mirrors for the task for centuries and with good reason. Mirrors offer a timeless benefit of added visual depth and attractiveness, making it easy for them to use with fireplaces.
In today’s blog, we’re going to look at some of the best ways to use a designer mirror with a fireplace and how you can get the best of both features in your home.
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The Basic Strategy

While there are plenty of different techniques to use when placing a mirror above a fireplace, it’s best to first consider some of the basic principles before diving in.

If you’re not looking to break with tradition, the simplest way to compliment a fireplace with a mirror is to make sure both are the same width. This creates a visual complement for both features and follows a sense of uniformity that can give the impression they were designed for each other. If you’re struggling to figure out the best way to measure that width, consider using the mantlepiece as a guide.

Shapes of All Kinds

Nixon Round Teak Wood Wall Mirror
If you have a traditional fireplace, the odds are pretty good that it’s shaped liked a square, with an equally square-looking mantelpiece to complete the unintentional cubism. Thankfully, antique and designer mirrors don’t have this issue and can come in various sizes and shapes, making them perfect foils for a boring traditional fireplace.
For this, we advise using a circular or oval-shaped design that can accentuate itself as much as possible. Mid-century designs are perfect for this and provide an immediate visual difference from your fireplace without taking away from the design.
Boho and Rattan mirrors also work exceptionally well in this capacity and can help ground an ostentatious fireplace with their earth tones and natural materials.

Size Up

Laury Metal Rectangle Standing Arched Floor Mirror 59x22 Inch
Mirrors are incredible tools for deepening a room’s visual space and interest, making cramped spaces seem more prominent and larger rooms feel even more expansive.
Placing a large mirror above a fireplace can be a great way to create a “disappearing wall” effect in your home. This turns your fireplace into a massive centerpiece of the space and allows you to focus your décor around a single point.
The unbroken image of your mirror will also directly reflect the décor around it. While also enlarging the space, this also doubles the visual interest in the room as your wider décor can benefit from being viewed from multiple places in the area.
If you would like some more help choosing the perfect mirror for your home, don't be afraid to give our team at West Mirrors a call. Our friendly group of experts would be more than happy to provide some advice and recommendations!

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