What Makes an Antique Mirror?

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The term “antique mirror” is admittedly vague. When we think of antiques, we often consider them as something old and with a significant amount of value. Often these are rare items that have a high degree of collector value as well. 

However, what constitutes an “antique mirror” is much more fluid in the world of mirrors. This is primarily because when we refer to a mirror as being antique, we often mean this in terms of its style rather than its age or rarity. 

Of course, this can be easily confused with times when a mirror is genuinely antique. However, that’s probably a problem to solve for another day.

But, Why? 

Mirror styles are often wildly different from one another, and many types are often highly emblematic of the time they were created in. So naturally, it makes sense to principally refer to these styles when talking about the mirrors themselves. 

Genuinely old, antique mirrors are difficult to come by and usually have lost a great deal of their luster, making it difficult to justify their utility. As a result, genuinely old mirrors are often used like works of art rather than as actual mirrors. In some cases, it’s pretty common to see older mirrors have their reflective surfaces replaced entirely, with the frame being the only part of the original design kept intact.,

Which poses the question, what do you call a mirror that isn’t used as a mirror? To be frank, it’s difficult to really come up with the answer to that question at all, leading to why the term “antique mirror” is left so interchangeable.

How to Use an Antique Mirror

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Antique mirrors are enduring because their designs are often considered timeless. Even the most elaborate mirror designs can feel appropriate in a modern home. 

However, the best places for antique-style mirrors are often the homes that try to have as much of a vintage feel as possible. Pairing an antique mirror with some vintage furniture or placing one above a piano or fireplace can instantly elevate the room and create a rich, classical vibe to the space. 

Lovers of Mid-Century styles have the most to gain with this approach and can take full advantage of a plethora of interiors to make the most of what a decorative wall mirror can bring to a space. For example, combining sleek metal framed mirror with an industrial or farmhouse style home can have excellent results while looking incredibly fashion-forward at the same time.

Modern Tastes

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It should go without saying, though, that antique mirrors are still equally at home in a modern interior as well, so you don’t have to be limited in your approach when you purchase one. Modern interiors are hugely focused on exciting pieces flanked by clean edges and minimalist décor, making it deceptively easy to insert even the boldest mirror style in your home. 

The modern tendency towards conversation pieces and their contrast with surrounding furniture makes the antique mirrors glorious comeback into the world of fashion-forward décor possible!

If you would like some more help choosing the perfect mirror for your home, don't be afraid to give our team at West Mirrors a call. Our friendly group of experts would be more than happy to provide some advice and recommendations!

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