Where & How To Hang a Designer Mirror

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Where & How To Hang a Designer Mirror

Designer mirrors are the perfect blend of form and function and straddle the line between art and furniture all of the time. Therefore, using these pieces thoughtfully is crucial to their success. 

As much as they serve a decorative purpose, mirrors are vital tools for seeing ourselves and our outfits before leaving home and joining the wider world. But, even more crucially, mirrors are great at using more light into an otherwise dark room and can make smaller spaces feel larger and lighter than before. 

Of course, using mirrors to achieve the right results on your walls can be surprisingly tricky. While their multitasking tendencies leave them easily able to fill multiple gaps in your décor, it also means there are numerous ways to compromise their effectiveness. 

Thankfully, we’ve got a handy guide here that’s going to showcase the best ways to get the most from your wall mirrors and how to hang your pieces correctly. 

Read on!

First Things First

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Before we get stuck in, it’s essential to consider some vital principles: 

  • Lighting: Always consider the lighting of a room before you place your mirror. The lighting of your room will always dictate the best place. For example, if you have a window in your room, consider putting your mirror next to the window to enhance its light multiplying abilities further. 
  • Mind the Tilt: If your mirror looks slightly off and you cannot figure out why then it might be time to think about giving your mirror a good “tilt”. Tilting mirrors exposes them to more light and creates a carefree vibe in the room. 
  • Hook it right: Every mirror needs its own hook. Every. Time. There are no cutting corners allowed when it comes to safety. 

How to Hang a Mirror

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  • Above a Mantel: Place your mirror approximately 10-12cm, or 4-5  inches, above your mantel. The key here is not to create a dark shadow above your mantel while also allowing your mirror some space to breathe. This may change depending on the thickness of your frame. 
  • On a Door: If you want a mirror on your door, make sure you choose a full-length mirror. Stylistically, this is best as the long form of the mirror will follow the door’s shape and create a sense of symmetry. Also, be sure to choose a mirror that also fills as much of the door as possible, as this will further the effect. 
  • In an Entryway: If you’re looking to maximize first impressions of your home, then a mirror is a solid choice. Place a mirror directly above a console table creates a welcoming atmosphere while also allowing you to make the finishing touches on your outfit before you leave your home. 
  • The Bathroom: When hanging a mirror in a bathroom, it’s best to stay uncomplicated. Minimalist metal frames work best and should always be placed above sinks. 

That’s it for this guide on how to hang a decorative mirror in your home. However, if you’re finding yourself stuck trying to figure out how to best use your decorative designer mirror, then be sure to give our team a call! We love sharing tips and recommendations with our customers!

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