Why Round Mirrors Are On Trend

Cole Grey Round Wall Mirror 24 Inch

Why Round Mirrors Are On Trend

Round style mirrors, such as Boho and Rattan designs, are currently going through a massive renaissance of late. It seems 2021 has been the year of round mirrors, with some of our items going faster than we can sell them!

But what is it about rounder designs that are capturing the imaginations of people so much? Perhaps it’s the window-like effect? Or the borderless beauty of the Rattan mirror? There are many different factors to consider, so it’s hard to know the exact cause. 

Thankfully, at West Mirrors, we’ve created the perfect guide that explores just that. In this blog, we’re going to deep dive into the reasons behind the rise of round-style mirrors and how this might relate to your own interior décor needs. 

Read on!

Glamour Portal

Round mirrors have always been an enduring design and have been popular for decades. The simple shape and basic materials have allowed rounder designs to have a neutral and subtle effect on their surroundings, thus enhancing the more expansive space even more than other styles. 

This minimalist design and aesthetic have allowed a designer mirror’s full glamour to shine, creating a “portal” like effect in the wall and lending a sense of magic to the room. If you’re looking for a way to elevate a space while keeping things uncomplicated instantly, then you could do worse than a Boho or Rattan style mirror.


Ryker Sleepy Wood Round Mirror 28 Inch

A key reason for the circular design staying so popular is its incredible versatility. While we love all of our mirrors, we’ll admit that not all mirrors are made equal. While just about any mirror can enhance a space, the design or a mirror can create as many challenges as solutions. 

For example, a French mirror is unquestionably gorgeous as a piece of furniture and as a work of art. However, while a French design might look fantastic in a lounge or bedroom, it would look sorely out of place in a bathroom. 

Round mirrors don’t suffer from this limitation, with Rattan mirrors never looking out of place, no matter which room you place them in. If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, a round mirror is considered an ideal option. However, if you love the idea of enhancing a staircase, hallway, or living room, then a circular design will be able to serve equally well. The choice is yours!

Go Green

Saga Round Mirror With Shelf (Multiple Sizes)

In an age of global warming and growing concerns about how we operate in our world, it’s never been more critical than now for consumers to consider the impact the products they purchase have on the environment.

Boho and Rattan mirrors have a proud history of being environmentally conscious. Our mirrors, in particular, are made from eco-positive materials and with care taken regarding the techniques in their construction. So, if you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint with your choice of décor, then a Boho or Rattan mirror is definitely a good start.

That’s it for our blog on the attractive round mirror! Whether you’re looking for something Boho or Rattan, be sure to check our catalog of stunning pieces and see for yourself why these designs are so popular. However, if you’re finding yourself stuck trying to figure out how to best use your new designer mirror, then be sure to give our team a call!

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