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    Every detail of interior decor makes up a beautiful room but is never complete without a floor mirror, standing mirror, or round mirror. Each detail must be selected and used to complement each other. When it comes to choosing a piece of decor that will match every other element of a room, you can never go wrong with a gorgeous mirror.

    Sometimes, it only takes one more addition to give a room a real “wow” factor. More often than not, that addition is a mirror. Whether you choose to go big with one of our incredible floor mirrors, round mirrors, hanging mirrors, or choose to go smaller with a wall-mounted mirror or boho style, there’s always a piece that can instantly upgrade your decor.

    Every space is different and every room has a story to tell. At West Mirrors, we have a mirror for every occasion and every interior. So, whether you’re looking for a decorative wall mirror, a quirky boho mirror, or a gorgeous French mirror, you can always tell the story you need to by selecting from one of our collections.

    Having a mirror isn’t just about having a place to check out your new outfit or whether your makeup is on point. Placing a mirror in a room or space is often about creating a focal point for a room. Choose from our collection of floor mirrors, french mirrors, gold frame mirrors, or round wood mirrors and make every room shine.