Beat Any Trend with Timeless Designer Antique Mirrors


Belle Round Wall Mirror 31 Inch

In between the tidal wave of content on social media and the constantly multiplying home-décor shows that dot every network, it’s never been easier to get to grips with the latest trends in interior design and home décor.

Gone are the days when you had to trawl through pages and pages of thick home décor magazines hoping to find the style that spoke most to your tastes. Instead, everything you could ever want from your home décor is often just a search engine prompt away!

Of course, keeping up with the latest trend is a different matter entirely. Increased access to information in the current age means trends feel like they last for much less long than they used to, making it hard to know what’s fashionable at the best of times. Thankfully, the perfect antidote to trend fatigue is a dose of timelessness.

So, in today’s blog, we’re going to show you how to beat the fashion rat-race for the latest trends by using designer antique mirrors to make your home enduringly stylish, no matter what the future holds.

Read on!

Don Draper Approved

If you’re looking for a timeless piece for your home that can instantly elevate its surroundings, then look no further than a mid-century style metal-framed mirror. Sleek curves and smooth textures make these masterpieces the ultimate injection of timeless grace to just about any room in the home.

With a smaller footprint than most other styles, metal framed mirrors make an excellent choice for modern homes that want something that won’t be a statement piece if desired. With such an effortless elegance in design, the mid-century metal-framed mirror will always be able to tie a room together, whether it be a living room, bedroom, or high-rise corner office.

Bohemian Sunrise

Salome Round Rattan Mirror 30 Inch

Are you short on space and looking for something that will punch some new life into any room - well, look no further than the boho mirror. When framed, these gorgeous works take advantage of natural materials and provide the ideal amount of quirk to make even the most boring space suddenly fizz with a vibrant personality!

Unlike more oversized mirrors, where the goal is to open up space, the smaller Boho mirrors work to focus on a specific space within a room and complete the visual tableau of the area. Most designs are built with this focus and work to enhance a space through their patterning while staying soft through their choice of natural framing materials.

The Aristocrats!

Elizabeth Antique French Vintage Standing Mirror

Timelessness in design can be a funny thing. Sometimes, it’s about creating a design that enhances without dominating. Sometimes, it’s about occupying space easily. Other times, however, timelessness in design can be about being as big and bold as possible!

French antique-style mirrors are all about putting on a show and feature a wealth of glamorous details to ensure they’re always the center of attention. There’s no need to worry about the latest trends when you have a piece like this in your home, with its substantial visual footprint and maximalist leanings making sure it’ll never fit with your broader décor anyway.

So, while it can be a good idea to use pieces that fit well with your décor, the French Antique mirror takes a different approach, making sure your home is stylish through sheer force of charisma alone. Don’t believe us? Grab one yourself and find out what we mean.

If you would like some more help choosing the perfect mirror for your home, don't be afraid to give our team at West Mirrors a call. Our friendly group of experts would be more than happy to provide some advice and recommendations!

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