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15 products


French mirrors are all about dressing to impress. Taking inspiration from the timelessness of Victorian ornate mirrors, the French mirror adds a sense of drama and flair to any room. Whether you choose to have a standing gold arch mirror, a wooden decorative mirror, or a vintage-style wall mirror, you can always be sure that one of these pieces will instantly become a showstopper in any room.

Have No Regrets

French and antique styling is about always having variety. With West Mirrors’ collection of French mirrors, the choice is yours. Add rich colors like a gold french floor mirror or choose from different styles and sizes. With our attractive designs that make any heart sing while being able to select from a variety of shapes and sizes.

Effortless Style With A French Mirror

By combining the eclectic Victorian mirror with a modern taste in color, French mirrors are able to make even the most standard space sparkle with style. Use our collection of french floor mirrors and wall-mounted pieces to effortlessly infuse an interior with an instant upgrade in style.

Timeless Glamor

With styles that go back over a century, West Mirrors collection of French mirror styles and designs will bring a timelessness to any style of room or space. Make the most of this collection and finish off your decor from one of our french country mirrors, antique french mirrors, french wall mirrors or french floor mirrors.