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84 products

Make a Statement With A Metal Mirror

Metal framed mirrors are all about making the ultimate statement. Premium materials and simple, yet timeless, designs make for a sophisticated piece that enhances whatever space it’s in. Keep it classy with our collection of Moroccan inspired gold framed pieces or go wild with an irregular shaped wall mirror. At West Mirrors, the choice is yours.

Endless Choice, Zero Compromise

The best thing about metal framed mirrors is the sheer amount of choice available. Do you want to have a huge standing floor mirror? Or maybe a gorgeous sunburst mirror for the wall? With West Mirrors collection of metal framed pieces, there’s never any need to compromise.

All Shapes and Sizes

Metal is the ultimate material for when you’re looking for something adaptable. With West Mirrors collection of metal framed pieces, there’s no shortage of options for whatever shape or size of mirror you want, or need. Choose from some of our favorite pieces such as; the Jewel Arched Black & Gold Mirror, the Zeke Gold Round Wall Mirror, or go big with the Pike Window Pane Decorative Wall Mirror.

Mid-Century Chic

Metal was the favorite material of mid century designers. At West Mirrors, we love the mid century and art deco aesthetic. Take a look through a collection of inventive and adventurous pieces and see for yourself the magic of metal mirrors. Pieces, such as the Roper Mid Century Modern Gold Frame Decorative Wall Mirror, or the Avis Gold Round Wall Mirror show the best of what can be achieved.