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19 products

Traditional Style With A Wood Frame Mirror

There is no style of material more traditional than wood. Humans have been using wood as a building material for millenniums. It’s easy to see why, with a range of styles and choices of materials, wood is endlessly adaptable, making it popular for just about any project. Wood also provides a traditional foundation for any piece in the home and creates an authentic aesthetic instantly.

Make Your House a Home

The feel of wood grain and the undeniable smell of the material makes wood an enduringly popular choice for those looking to create a homely aesthetic. Whether it’s one of our Round Teak wood Wall pieces or our Zenon Live Edge Acacia Wall Mirror, you’ll instantly be able to make your house a home with a piece from our wooden mirror collection.

Form and Function

Woods irregularity in shape and texture means no two pieces from our collection are exactly the same. This means that every wooden framed mirror is a unique piece that blends function with form effortlessly.

From Antique To Modern With A Wood Mirror

Because of its longevity, wood framed mirrors have stood the test of time and have come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Choose from the classic Dune Wood Wall Mirror or go wild with a Vera Teak Farmhouse Wood Frame Round Decorative Wall Mirror. At West Mirrors, there’s never a shortage of options available.