Boho and Rattan Mirrors to Bring Out Your Natural Style

Langley Round Teak Wood Wall Mirror

Boho and Rattan mirrors are the ultimate choices when you’re trying to make the most of natural materials in your home.

Both styles emerged from the middle of the 20th century and are trailblazing designs that found the balance between the filigree of older mirrors and the metal minimalism of classic mid-century mirror designs. Even though both Boho and Rattan mirrors had come from over 50 years ago, both designs have constantly stayed in the conversations of consumers around the country, owing to their enduring good looks and timeless aesthetics.

In the modern home, Boho and Rattan mirrors have made a considerable comeback, fitting perfectly with the desires of contemporary homeowners and designers to have furniture and décor that takes advantage of their natural materials as part of their aesthetic.

In today’s blog, we’re going to showcase some of our favorite Boho and Rattan mirrors from our online store and display what these designs can bring to your home.

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Langley Round Teak Wood Wall Mirror

With an emphasis on materials and natural textures, the critical element of Boho mirrors comes down to their simplicity.

An easy-going approach to materials usually affords Boho mirrors with the opportunity to feature a complex arrangement of patterns and layers to break up their simple circular shapes. Often, their patterns typically get Boho mirrors confused with starburst or sunburst-style mirrors.

Our Langley round teak wood wall mirror is a perfect example of the Boho design language. It comprises a single row of teak wood cut-offs that act as a complex and visually arresting frame emphasizing their irregular lengths and shapes.

Medel Round Rattan Mirror 24 Inch

Medel Round Rattan Mirror 24 Inch

Like Boho mirrors, the Rattan style focuses on natural and renewable materials to create the mirror’s frame. Unfortunately, they’re often confused with Bohos as the techniques deviate slightly in many cases, making it difficult to differentiate.

However, the critical difference between these designs comes in how they apply their materials. Rattans take a more straightforward approach, eschewing the complicated patterns of Boho mirrors and instead using a minimalist style.

The Medel Round Rattan mirror is an ideal example of Rattan design and features a round vine frame that comes across as sophisticated in its simple application.

Para Round Seagrass Mirror 30 Inch

Para Round Seagrass Mirror 30 Inch

Finally, it seems only fitting to feature a mirror that combines the best of both worlds, making the ideal compromise between boho and rattan styles.

Our Para Round Seagrass Mirror is an incredible piece that we have yet to feature on our blog. This piece is based around a stunning use of natural seagrass materials in the frame and creates a unique visual that makes the work stand out magnificently.

Even better, the swirling concentric design focuses the viewer’s attention on the reflective surface and forces viewers to engage with the piece actively, making it ideal for large and intimate settings.

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